Making the most of your
submissions to the
2023 Annual Juried Exhibition!

This year you have the option of listing your artwork for sale online.

This was the most requested feature from the artists participating in previous exhibitions.

Note: Only those entries selected for inclusion in the exhibition will be placed for sale online.



If your artwork sells elsewhere, immediately set your inventory here to Zero.


Click the save button at the bottom of the page when entering each artwork.


Contact your patron asap to arrange for delivery of their new artwork.

Check the Do Not Sell Online option, if you do not want to sell your artwork online

If your artwork is selected for inclusion in the Annual Juried Exhibition, your artwork will still be hung in the Solomon Gallery, even if you have checked the "Do Not Sell Online" option.

Unless your artwork is NFS it will still be purchasable by visitors to the Solomon Gallery.

You can add one featured image and one detail image for each artwork.

Tip: Make sure your images are clear and don't have any background items.

Note: Images must be in .png or .jpg format.


Tip: The jurors read your descriptions!

Add descriptions of your artworks that tell the story of the piece.
A good description sets the mood of the piece and also explains the media used.

Set Your Payment Method

This is important!

In order to receive payouts when your artwork sells, you must set your Paypal account email address. You can do this from your Dashboard by clicking on Settings. Enter your Paypal account email address and click save.

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