Frequently Asked Questions

Can i edit my entry?
You may edit your entries up until 11:59pm, 31 July 2023.
I have added my entries - where is the finish button?
There isn't a finish button. You can add/edit your entries up until 11:59pm, 31 July 2023. After 31 July, your entries are considered finished and ready for jurying.
Are gallery wrapped finished edges with no frame acceptable?
Yes. We prefer the work be framed, but as long as the edges are finished properly it is acceptable.
If my artwork is accepted, may I ship it to the Collective?
Yes. The artwork, whether shipped or delivered in person, must arrive at the Collective between 10am - 4pm Sunday, 3 Sep- Saturday, 9 Sep

If your artwork needs to be return shipped you must provide a return shipping label.
Will there be a reception?
Yes. The awards reception will be held at the Collective on Saturday, 23 Sep from 6pm - 8pm
What commision does the collective receive from the sale of artworks
30% commission from the sale of all artwork is collected.
Does an artwork have to be for sale?
An artwork does not have to be for sale. If not for sale, the artwork label must be marked as NFS.
If my artwork sells, when will i receive payment?
Payment for any works sold will be sent by the 10th of November 2022.
May i drop my artwork off early, or pick it up late?
We can not receive work early or store the work after the scheduled pick-up times. No storage space is available.
Can i pick up my artwork before the end of the exhibit?
No. Artwork may not be removed from the venue before the end of the exhibit.
Does artwork have to be wired?
Yes. All artwork must be properly wired. The wire must be attached to the back of the artwork, not to the sides.

No sawtooth, or clip mounting will be accepted.
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