Welcome to the 2022 Annual Juried Exhibition

The 2022 Prospectus is available for download.
This year we are pleased to announce that artists will have the option to make their selected artworks available for sale online.

2022 Annual Juried Exhibition

Register now for the 2022 Annual Juried Exhibition. Submit up to three artworks to be considered.
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Registration Begins July 1, 2022

Basic Rules


Work entered can be no more than three years old.


You may only register once and you are limited to entering three pieces.


You may upload one main image and one detail image for each entry.
All entries must be submitted by this portal. No exceptions.
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The Judges for the 2022 Annual Juried Exhibition have been chosen.

We are pleased to announce the jurors for this year's exhibition.

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Reni Gower

My artwork recognizes geometric perfection as the matrix of humanity. Since ancient times, perfect forms (circle, square, and triangle) have been thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the natural world.

Viewer response worldwide has confirmed the prevalent yet profound spiritual and emotional qualities of color, light, and pattern central to my art.

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Ryan Roth

For many years now, Ryan Roth’s artwork has primarily focused on the ethical and psychological challenges of the idea of the “corporate man” and his relentless pursuit of business success - or lack thereof.

Typically, Roth explores the concept that while working within the environment of corporate America, people can sometimes blur the lines between what is ethical and what is not.

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The 2022 Annual Juried Exhibition

An annual event presented by Artists Collective | Spartanburg to showcase the amazing diversity of work with in this southern region, SC, NC, TN, GA, VA.

1 JULY 2022
Aug 1 - Aug 13Selection
Jurors Review and Select Entries

Jurors view the artworks online and make their selections.

Sunday, Aug 28 - Saturday, Sep 3 Deliver Artwork
Artists Deliver Accepted Artworks to the Collective

Artwork deliveries will be accepted from 10am - 4pm.

Artwork must be ready for hanging. Please read instructions.

Sep 13Exhibition Opens
Exhibition Opens in Solomon Gallery

The Solomon Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 4pm.

Sep 17Awards Ceremony
Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony

The reception will be held from 6pm - 8pm.

Awards will be presented at 7pm.

Oct 22Exhibition Closes
Exhibition Closes

Saturday Oct 22 is the last day to view the exhibition in the Solomon Gallery.

Oct 23 - Oct 29Artwork Pick-up
Artists Pick-up their Artwork

Artwork can be picked up between 10am - 4pm.

All artwork must be picked up by Oct 29 at 4pm.

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