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Ivana Milojevic Beck

Born in Serbia and moving to the United States as a young adult, my work addresses how cultural, social, and psychological foundations have shifted since I left home, family, and friends. My focus is on the women in my family, my grandmother, mother, daughter, and me. I work to portray the resilience, flexibility, and adaptability that has been passed down the line. I imagine the female form, strong, and balanced, resting as the foundational material for generations to come. I find parallels between structural, foundational home building and women’s physical and mental power as mother, wife, and daughter. Materials that I continue to use – brick, wax, and mortar – remind me that what is strong and durable can also be vulnerable and ephemeral. This reality in which the two opposite states coexist is also true of the human condition and its relationship with nature. We often show our strong and dominant side while concealing what is passive and fragile.

Leather, concrete, wire mash, brick