Jerry Lawrence
2023 Annual Juried Exhibition

My inspiration and love of painting comes from the great impressionist artists that use color and light to paint. This piece is of an individual walking in the sunlight at the height of the day. I used acrylic paint as the primary painting medium in this painting, rather than oil, because it dries quickly, and it allows me to focus on what I need to do, faster. Acrylic paint does not mix quite as well as oils, so you can make these very bold statements within your paintings using it. When using acrylic paint, I normally use thicker paint to express the various levels or variation in my paintings, however, in this piece, I was able to achieve what I wanted to with moderate thickness. When using acrylic paint, in compared to oil paint, the significant difference with oil paint is, it allows me more freedom to work wet on wet paintings when and if I need to make corrections or when I am trying to get a particular effect. When I am under a time restriction and in a position where I need to produce a product faster, then acrylic paint is the medium to use. It gives me immense joy to paint portraits and people.

Acrylic on Canvas

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