unexpected Evolution

Sandra Schindlbeck
2023 Annual Juried Exhibition

On this one I started out with a base of alcohol ink. Splashed it on the Paper, poured it on glass where I put the paper onto, to create a print of the surface. Poured some more on the paper and fold it in half to have the Rohrschach effect. Afterwards I worked out the different shapes with watercolor pencils, Markers, ink, and glittery watercolor that created a new texture I did not yet work with as much. The glitter is not well represented in the scan. It is hard to catch on a picture.

I can almost see it moving in a mechanical manner but also with smooth organic movements; almost hear its wings whirring and parts of its exoskeleton clicking. I love the depth about it and how it plays with dure and delicate structures. It unfolds into something unexpected. It threatens you and keeps you secure at the same time. It's beckoning, wants to lure you, dare you to drink from the nectar, touch it's wings, it's flower petals. There is a sense of vanitas about it.

Watercolor, Alcohol Ink, chalk, oil pastells, Fineliner on paper


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