Life's Terrain

2022 Annual Juried Exhibition
Sydney Gambrell


Life's Terrain investigates the human experience in relation to time, history, and family. This vertical screen-printed landscape reflects the metaphorical challenges and accomplishments we face as individuals. The flat and solid use of color surrounding the top and bottom portions of the print mimics the components of life that appear clouded or misunderstood. The remaining aspects of our lives, those which carry more clarity, are found within the detailed center of Life's Terrain. The thick and layered foliage, created using CMYK color processes and bitmaps, represents the more understood elements of our being that work simultaneously with those that are more complex. Torn and frayed pieces of kraft paper were placed inside each layer's screen to incorporate perspective and depth in an organic manner. Within this piece, a duality between awareness and unfamiliarity is evident. Parallels of this duality occur through bold saturated color against translucent ink, cooler imagery beside warm values, and harsh lines against soft edges.

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