Lidded Serving Dish with Lizard and Acorns

David Zacharias
2023 Annual Juried Exhibition

For two years, my studio was a log cabin in a remote area of South Carolina called the Dark Corner. This locale is south of Highway 14 along Highway 11 and is also known for the Cliffs of Glassy. Around my studio was an endless flow of flora and fauna. There were black bears, coyotes, deer, wild hogs, wild turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, box turtles and a variety of lizards. Many lizards became accustomed to me to the point that I could handle them and sometimes had to step over them to avoid stepping on them. Lizards became subject matter on my pottery.
Much of the cabin acreage is covered with hardwood trees and oak trees are abundant. Found acorns were used to make press molds.

Wheel thrown body and lid, pulled legs, hand formed lizard, press mold acorns. Wood fired to cone 10-11 in reduction with soda ash solution injected into kiln at end of firing

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