Hometown Bus Stop

Janet B Sessoms
2023 Annual Juried Exhibition

This monochromatic painting was motivated by a scene at a local bus stop. Every figure was isolated in their own space and avoiding glances with anyone else. The contrast of the biomorphic figures surrounded by the abstract shapes and value variations drew my immediate attention. Local color was thought about and tried, but the story and effect was not the same as the use of one color, Cassel Earth, and its tints. I was drawn to the reflections on the faces from the reading materials and the individual details of each subject such as the cell phone and cigarette, the plastic bag and newspaper. Each individual had a story and a space and a sense of isolation. The surroundings provided the perfect background to contrast with the figures and added to the impersonal lack of interaction of the characters. The end result is reminiscent of an old photograph featuring subjects showing little emotion and leaves the viewer creating stories to fill in the gaps.

Oil on linen in floater frame

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