2022 Annual Juried Exhibition
Amy Walsh


Made in 14kt. yellow gold, this bold cocktail ring features an oval rutilated quartz cabochon. Rutile, while rarely seen in jewelry by itself, has made a place for itself in the gem & jewelry industry in the form of inclusions. Star corundums receive their prized asterism phenomenon from intersecting rutile "silk," and in this case rutile takes the form of the golden rods shooting through this otherwise average rock crystal quartz cabochon.
The stone is set in a four prong head. The base of the setting is a closed back style that reflects upwards and enhances the stone's golden hues. Complimenting the center stone is a halo of intersecting gold bars with a milgrain edge. The undercarriage features the same latticework as the halo (not pictured due to camera angle.) The shank is a half round cathedral style.

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