Feeling Safe to be Seen

2022 Annual Juried Exhibition
Marcy Parks


I am a survivor, daughter of a survivor, and a woman raised under the umbrella of patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and misogyny now raising a daughter of my own.
The physical nature of my work serves as a form of self-administered EMDR therapy, scribbling stories on a surface then connecting the physical sensations of the grip of a paint brush, the cool and slippery texture of paint on my fingers, the lyrical and gestural motions of applying paint to surface while following threads of thought as they weave and tangle in knots in my mind. Throughout the process of painting, though, the knots begin to loosen and I find the heart of the narratives that have driven me, consciously or otherwise, and like Hansel and Gretel following the trail of crumbs, I make my way back out of the woods to be greeted by the abstract forms, lines, and marks that map the journey to my healing.

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