Fallen Trees

Donna Frostick

In a captivating new series, Virginia-based artist Donna Frostick uses photos of hurricane-damaged woodlands as a catalyst for fantastical scenes that blur the boundaries of reality and imagination. In the finished works, abstracted shapes of shattered trees hint at the devastating power that can bring instant chaos to familiar forms. And, like the creative process itself, Frostick’s work suggests how something vibrant and alive can emerge from that chaos.

After producing a basic sketch of the original photo, Frostick applies vivid acrylic colors, infusing the scenes with an otherworldly energy. The absence of tonal gradations enhances the surreal atmosphere.

In the final step, she uses a fine-point Sharpie marker to define the boundaries of the color areas, further flattening the image and accentuating the dreamlike quality of each painting. The result is a captivating fusion of reality and imagination, where the remnants of a storm-ravaged forest are transformed into gateways of unknown realms.

The series exemplifies Frostick’s talent for bridging the familiar with the extraordinary, capturing nature’s transformative power through abstracted realities. While the paintings are a testament to the resilience of the natural world, they also invite viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating allure of these enigmatic, fantastically otherworldly landscapes.

Acrylic and Sharpie marker on canvas panel.