Celebration Song

Alicia Mizuno
2023 Annual Juried Exhibition

"I'm alive

I lived to see today

I lost so much along the way

And that's fine

'Cause I'm alive...
I'm done

Trying to run

From all the things that make me feel alive

For fear that I might just catch fire

'Cause I've earned

A couple days amongst the sun

God knows I've more than paid my dues

For all the months that I didn't want to live through"
This artwork belongs to a series that finds its inspiration in music, evoking profound emotions within me. Specifically, this piece draws its inspiration from the song "Celebration Song" by Holding Absence. The song's lyrics deeply resonate with my current life journey, particularly in relation to my struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide. Although deceptively simple in appearance, this artwork holds immense significance for me.
Throughout my life, I have encountered moments of emotional exhaustion that left me contemplating the end of my journey. Health challenges surfaced at a young age, coinciding with significant life transitions, leading to the erosion of many relationships and leaving me with lingering emotional scars that impact my current connections. A battle with depression, which I have discovered runs in my family, has demanded continuous effort and resilience to overcome.
Despite the hardships, I am grateful for the strength that compelled me to persevere, arriving at the place I am today. The clouds of despair are gradually lifting, and the wounds of the past are gradually healing. Instead of portraying a direct representation of myself, I envisioned a persona that others could relate to, allowing them to see themselves in this figure. The intent is for viewers to connect with the emotions conveyed, recognizing that they too can find gratitude in the journey and appreciate the present moment.
This artwork serves as a testament to the triumph of resilience and the hope that resonates within each of us, affirming the value of life and the potential for healing and growth.

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 24" x 24"

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